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i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe

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 eeeep is this my second follow forever already???? 

i literally gained 200 followers in a week which is insane and i really love follow forevers and i know how happy i get when i’m on one and i started talking to so many new people this week i decided to make another one because i really want y’all to be happy and i love all of you and i couldn’t thank you enough for all the follows and new rp experiences so here it goes..

 people that i love with all my heart and have the best plots ever with 

misttaken: my very very favourite spider monkey, christian bieber’s girlfriend, mary santiago of portugal. frick mary you’re so completely precious it makes me cry sometimes, we have the best ships in the world and being friends with you makes very very extremely fortunate, please stay fab forever and know that i love you a shit ton and that there aren’t a lot of people whom i’ve met online who i love more than you.

letmelivc/dxngerzonewowowow jess bby literally you’re such a cute little angel and i always have the best time talking and rping with you. i literally love you so so so much and the idea of you being sad sometimes breaks my heart. honestly you’ve been one of my very favourites since day one and the fact that we know rp with each other makes me beyond happy. i love you so fricking much and i’m very happy that we rp and talk because you make me very happy.

whitepetxls: after only one or two days of talking to you i’m very certain you’re my fricking soulmate, you’re such a ray of sunshine and literally the baest of all bae’s and idk where i’m going with this but  i want you to know that you should never change and that i love you and that you’re literally such a fricking cutie and again i’m not sure what i’m trying to say but yeah you have lovely characters and you’re lovely in general and everything is very very lovely.

unrequitedteens: we haven’t talked much ooc yet but frick you’re literally the cutest person ever and we have two very very very cute threads and every time i’m a bit sad or down you message me and you always say these nice things that never fail to make me feel better and you always have such fun characters and i literally love rping with you so yeah i love you and thanks for being here

 all of the amazing people i follow and am deeply in love with and wanna rp with 4ever 

i haven’t rped or talked to some of you and i have with some of you i just know that i love every single one of you and that i’ll never ever unfollow, if we haven’t rped literally don’t be afraid to hmu and talk to me because i love you all and i love plotting and rping and i wanna do it all with you because y’all are literally such baes, stay fab forever.

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and a very special shout out to the lovely and amazing ritassists for making this amazing graphic.

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"If you didn’t send me that text then who did?" Turning towards you frowning worse than before.

"I don’t know, but I’m sure I didn’t. I’m sorry."

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"I’m sorry but I don’t think I can help you. I mean that’s me and that’s my number but I didn’t send you that text."

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instead of shipping muses, let’s ship muns. send me the url of the mun you’d ship me with, anon or not.

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"The day I try tofuc bacon will be the day I die. And as nice as it sounds right now, I’m not quite ready to leave yet. So no."


"Tofu is much better for you, Cam. There’s normal bacon too though."

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