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Lauren today 08/26/2014

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we’re listening to the radio in class and amnesia came on and this guy was like “why would u wanna wake up with amnesia?” and this other guy was like “to forget about the stupid little things bro”

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text → cat 😉😚

  • Catalina: you bring the cute to this friendship
  • Catalina: i'll take sexy tho
  • Catalina: idk but i know i am
  • Landon: no i bring the sexy to this friendship
  • Landon: we both do
  • Landon: baby girl don't be mad
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text → 😍 husband 😍

  • Landon: one of the guys told me they saw you today
  • Landon: walking around with some other dude
  • Landon: explain before i punch something
  • Landon: or someone

snapchat → 😍 husband 😍

landon: you know what
landon: toronto's cool but i miss you

text → cat 😉😚

  • Catalina: but we're not a couple and i'm not cute
  • Catalina: daddy it is :~)))
  • Catalina: hmph i'm mad at you
  • Landon: you're cute cat, you're really cute
  • Landon: cute and sexy all in one
  • Landon: why are you mad at me?
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asia: i'm not gonna lie to ya
asia: on the plus side, ballet school would only be for six weeks!!!

landon: that's nearly two months
landon: not helping

text → cat 😉😚

  • Catalina: that's okay i'll see you soon promise
  • Catalina: i was just gonna ask you if you preferred daddy
  • Catalina: then be nice to me!! :~(
  • Landon: this would be the moment where the cute couple say they love each other
  • Landon: i do prefer daddy
  • Landon: i'm nice to you
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asia: yaaaay thanks
asia: i may be going to ballet school this summer tho //:

landon: does that mean we won't be able to be together this summer?
landon: say no even if it's yes