⊰ ::. poison heart .:: ⊱
no one ever thought this one would survive. helpless child, gonna walk a drum beat behind. lock you in a dream, never let you go. never let you laugh or smile, not you. ❜ +
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niazkilam: #longhair

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          ❛ really, you look just as good as you usually do. if you’re uncomfortable with them, then don’t wear them. but they really don’t look bad like you think they do. they’re really cute, wyatt. ❜ trevor smiled gently at the boy as he spoke, a grin coming to his face when he sees a glimpse of his pink cheeks.

          ❛ well i have to wear them for at least another week, so i guess it won’t be as bad.. ❜ he might have changed his opinion a bit because trevor thought he looked cute.



aurora: you can't tell me how to love!!!!

isabella: i can do whatever i want!!!!!
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        ”there’s a lot of people who are hot. she can go stalk them instead of me. i let her.” he laughed softly.

           ❛ yeah but she looks like a train wreck it’s not like any other hot guy in their perfect mind will actually give her enough attention for her to stalk them. ❜ the girl really was blunt and couldn’t care less of what would leave her lips and it was clear.

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         ”don’t worry !! i’ll drag you out of that store if you do such a thing & go by myself. you can show the pug on the internet later , right? they are so loyal. i love them. they just give you great feeling whenever you are alone. i think we’re good. but we should take some tips from her.”

           ❛ you’re not allowed to look at bunnies without me. it’s the law. i can but actually showing them to you would be much more fun. they’ll cuddle you when you’re sad and lick your face when they want to show you their love —— it’s beautiful. tips on what ??

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text → cat 😉😚

  • catalina: maybe just a little
  • catalina: me too but we'll save them all up
  • catalina: ((your heart)) was that romantic
  • catalina: that's two days of me being sad
  • landon: i knew it ;~)
  • landon: nah this was a once in a life time opportunity
  • landon: so romantic princess
  • landon: dont be sad or i'll tell the world you snore
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text → cat 😉😚

  • catalina: i know it's one of your main traits
  • catalina: would if i could baby!!
  • catalina: let me win please
  • catalina: but you're so cute and i miss you
  • landon: you kind dig it tho
  • landon: i wish you could
  • landon: there's nothing to win here
  • landon: don't cry over it, i'll be there in two days
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