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❝ I can’t just —- stop doin’ it, since it’s kind of a habit that I’ve developed. The lip ring was kind of a bonus, y’know ?? Mm, this is one of those moments where I might doubt that. You gotta have at least one celebrity crush in that mind of yours. Something that’s not terribly tight, or has holes in it. But, I’ve seen your wardrobe and I’ve gotta feeling you have to search intensely to find somethin’

"You don’t need to stop it completely, just don’t do it when there’s a massive crowd of people around us. I thought about you when I was getting it. At the top of my head there’s no one, babe. Oh c’mon terribly tight and with holes is my wardrobe’s motto."

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        “I don’t really like to brag about that, but you’re the one who said it.” He grins widely, hands digging further into his pockets as he flashes her a quick wink. He really doesn’t mind, Ryker’s exactly the same way. Plus, a little flirting every now and then never harmed anyone. If anything, it’s quite good for the ego and trust me when I say he has one even bigger and perhaps wider than him. Ryker notices the change in her expression once she mentions her mother, and perhaps they have something else in common. But he figures it’s better not to mention it, knowing that if it were him he wouldn’t like to be asked about it. “No worries, I’m a pretty prudent driver. Unlike what I might appear to be.” He smirks a little as they approach his motorbike. “Pretty name, fits you. — So, Isabella. Have you ever rode a motorcycle before?”

The girl followed him to where his motorbike was. If she were to be honest she wasn’t scared of his driving skills, she wasn’t scared of riding in a motorbike at all — she always found guys in a motorbike extremely attractive and well, Ryker wouldn’t be an exception. Of course that she wasn’t about to put that thought out in the open just now. “Oh it’s okay, if you get us into an accident, my dad’s a doctor so I think we might survive.” She told him as she turned her head and faced him with a smile on her lips. A soft blush decided to creep onto her cheeks as he complimented her again, but she made sure to look away so he couldn’t see that. “I haven’t, but I’ve always wanted to.”

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Nathan at Giffoni 

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            She’s literally too embarrassed to even notice that she managed to land on top of some poor boy and it isn’t until he speaks up that she actually processes what’s going on at the moment. The small framed girl literally jolts up, sitting straight and rolling onto the floor secretly wishing it would just swallow her whole. Charcoal irises drop to the stained fabric of her white shirt, her lower lip sticking out a bit as she analyzes it. “i.. — no? Maybe due to the fact that I’m too flustered to feel anything at the moment but yeah. I’m okay thanks for asking.” Katia shrugs collecting her supplies, not even daring to look at the stranger. This was the worst thing that could ever happen to her. “I’m so sorry about this.. — Oh my God. Are you okay? I really didn’t mean to squash you!”

Wyatt was perfectly fine, the girl was literally so tiny compared to him that the last thing she could do was hurt him; so once she turned the question on him and asked if he was okay he couldn’t help but let a soft laugh escape his lips. “Well since your head lands under my shoulders I don’t think you could hurt me.” As he spoke, he realize that she could somehow take offense to that and soon he wasn’t smiling anymore, just worried about justifying himself. “I mean I didn’t mean that— I just, you’re a short person and I’m like six feet so you couldn’t— I mean you could but you didn’t hu—.” Someone obviously forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. “I’m sorry— I’m fine. Are you sure, you’re okay?” The boy asked as he helped her picking up some of the things she dropped as she tripped.



"You know what, let’s just go. I really don’t feel like going home right now and it seems like your mother is just going to annoy you when she gets here, so. We can go get some food and punch little kids at the park. Just kidding, we don’t have to go get food. Okay, I promise I’m not this stupid all the time. But really, let’s go. I know this awesome place where you can make your own pizza and it’s just great."

"You had me at pizza, let’s go." Stella grabbed a piece of paper and left her note for her mom, just to avoid getting yelled at when she got home; twenty-one or twelve, she still wasn’t an adult in her mom’s eyes. The girl her phone and house keys in her pocket and walked out of the house to meet Michael. "But just so we’re clear — we’re not gonna punch little kids at the park?” She was actually serious, regardless of what the boy might think.

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pls don’t do that flower will drown in her own tears

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